Introducing NGSwab

EGL is proud to announce NGSwab for exome testing; offering the same high quality exome tests with ease of the assisted saliva swab (the Oragene OCD-100 kit). Please see below some common questions.

What is NGSwab?

NGSwab refers to EGL’s assisted saliva sample type. At EGL, we continue to explore options for our patients that make sample collecting easier while not sacrificing quality.

How does it work?

NGSwab utilizes Oragene’s OCD-100 kit to collect saliva from which EGL extracts high quality DNA. For more information on how to use it, please see the video from DNA Genotek below.

OCD-100 Instructions

How is the saliva collected?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions contained within the collection kit. A simple swab of each inside cheek is all that is required. More details found here.

Are there any downsides of using this sample type?

The quantity of DNA available after extraction may only be enough for the ordered test. In some cases, a new sample may need to be provided for additional testing.

Is this a recommended sample type?

Our recommended sample type for exome testing is blood;however,we offer NGSwab in situations where blood collection might not always be your patient’s best option.

How is this better than the other specimen types?

NGSwab is not necessarily a better collection method; however, it is much easier to collect and a great alternative for patients with limited access to phlebotomy services.

For more questions, please reach out to EGL’s Client Services team at